Markets We Serve

Talus Ridge began with the goal of making it more comfortable for law enforcement officers to wear their life-saving gear. It didn’t take long to see the potential in other markets. Now we are committed to ensuring that everyone on the planet who wears gear is cool and comfortable in it.

Law Enforcement, Military Personnel, and First Responders

Our flagship product was developed with law enforcement in mind, and it had immediate implications for military personnel as well. Our products will soon be available in many retail outlets, through wholesale distributors, on GSA contracts, and sold direct to agencies and institutions internationally.

Youth, Collegiate, and Professional Athletics

We will custom-tailored our shirt for any athletes who play sports requiring heavy or uncomfortable gear: including hockey, football, baseball, softball, lacrosse. Not only does our patented design make our athletes more comfortable, but it mitigates the odor.

Outdoor Enthusiasts and Hunters

Backpackers do all they can to keep their burdens as light as possible. Even in the best of circumstances, the lightest backpacks still rub on the body, causing sores and ongoing discomfort. Our patented design will lift the gear off the body in strategic places. And an adjustment to this design makes it easier for hunters to carry their gear and absorb the impact on the shoulder of firing a gun.

Non-Profit Organizations

We have established our own foundation to support the mental health of first responders and facilitate bridge-building initiatives between law enforcement and the communities they serve. We are also partnering with several other non-profits, including the Generosity Feeds initiative of the Replenish Foundation in Williamsburg, Va and the Veterans Memorial Reef in Wilmington, NC. We welcome conversations about potential partnerships with relevant 501c3 organizations throughout the country.

“Vests are standard. People are not. It’s time to make the vest fit.”

– Sara Hall, Founder and CEO