Sara Hall

It all began with a dream.

Within a week, she applied to a startup incubator.

Within three months, she’d applied for the patent and had her first investor.

Today, Sara leads a core team of driven change-makers all committed to making a global impact.

Sara spent 15 years in the insurance industry before going behind the scenes for the NC State Highway Patrol. Sitting behind the headset — listening to emergency callers with one ear and responding to law enforcement officers with the other. Juggling calls, prioritizing emergencies, getting the appropriate responders on the scene. On time. Every time.

Sara launched Thin Gold Line, Inc. while still working that job with its long, intense hours. As she did that, she and her husband also ran their own small business while overseeing their collective brood of five kids.

In July of 2020, Sara hung up her headset to devote a full-time effort to her startup.

And now, her startup is taking off. Fast.

Sara has had the vision all along. She leads with passion and purpose, believing no job is too small for any employee or leader. Sara demonstrates this daily while serving the team and stakeholders she loves – whether meeting with the CEO of an international tactical gear distributor, recording a podcast geared toward retired law enforcement, engaging in a community listening session to strengthen meaningful dialogue, or making sure the plants in the office have enough dirt and water to thrive.

In fact, on any given day, you’ll find Sara running Talus Ridge like a dispatcher.

Because she’s been one.

Sue Kemple

Sue serves as the chief advisor to the CEO while driving a forward vision for Talus Ridge and guarding company culture and people. As second-in-command, she is also responsible for defining corporate strategy and providing executive oversight, guidance, and accountability for its execution, and she takes the reins when Sara’s attention is required elsewhere. A two-time startup CEO herself with three decades of career experience, Sue has an eclectic background that includes entrepreneurial mentorship and founding/running an arts-focused middle school, where she honed her listening, leadership, and diplomacy skills.

Derrick Losee

Derrick brings to us over 35 years of management experience, overseeing logistics, distribution, recruiting, training, and everything in between. Derrick is a Marine Corps veteran, golfer, and cancer survivor – who sports five tattoos! He spent the first few months of his time with Talus Ridge envisioning what the logistics flow would look like, then beautifully outfitted the warehouse for efficiency and success. He is responsible for the entire supply chain, from working with the fabric and silcone manufacturers to getting product out the door. He’s a valuable advisor to the executive leadership team, and an excellent mentor to our leaders of the future.

Kate Belford

With her unique background as an entrepreneur for several decades (including launching a private airline startup and serving as the Executive Director of TIE of the Carolinas), Kate brings a unique and in-depth perspective to her role as head of finance in our startup.

Devon Corey

Devon has led multiple teams as a branch manager for one of the largest financial institutions in the nation. His background includes multiple training, product, and technology sales positions, and he recently served as a business mentor with the Chamber of Commerce.

Oscar Sabogal

A former highway patrol dispatcher, Oscar ‘s background includes nearly a decade of sales and trade show experience. He has worked diligently to set up the systems and processes required to ensure nothing falls through the cracks with our customers.

Ashley Santoyo

Ashley’s servant heart is invaluable to our entire team, especially the sales department. She wears many hats at Talus Ridge. Mostly, she is available to support anyone on the team who needs it with administrative work, data entry, research, organization, and a helping hand.

Buddy Kemple

Buddy works from the office some days and remotely on others. He mostly prefers being covered under a blanket and knowing that his person (Sue) is somewhere nearby. He also likes to co-opt the CEO’s big yellow chair. Don’t ask him for help, but scratch his belly and you might get a kiss.